“Bell & Clements have successfully completed a number of DR tests at Banbury, achieving recovery times that exceeded our expectations.”

Mark Balcombe IT Manager at Bell & Clements Limited 12th April 2017

“The Bell & Clements solution design is a typical example of how Covenco deploys its knowledge of backup and recovery to tailor solutions that fit our Customers’ needs. We work with a number of backup technologies to ensure that we can offer a solution that’s suitable for our Customers environment making us ‘Vendor agnostic’. We do what is good for our Customers not what’s best for the Vendor”

Gurdip Sohal Covenco's Sales Director 12th April 2017

“We wanted to have a Disaster Recovery supplier where a personal approach to a customer is a key factor. It is important for us to be able to sit together with your engineers during our testing, to analyze the process and to create detailed, effective and reliable procedural documentation.”

Neil Cotton IT Operations Lead 31st March 2017

“AGC Chemicals were not happy with their incumbent supplier and felt that they had little or no support during Disaster Recovery Testing which impacted on their confidence to recover their systems in the event of a disaster”

Gurdip Sohal Sales Director of Covenco 31st March 2017

“Absolutely amazed by the speed of the recovery: less than half a day! Previously it was taking a day and a half. Your technical consultant dealt directly with our application support provider to activate our ERP licensing. Could not ask for better service.”

Neil Cotton IT Operations Lead 31st March 2017

“Being vendor independent allows us to provide the most suitable solution for each client. We must ensure that the backup solution satisfies all their expectations, integrates seamlessly with the Disaster Recovery services to deliver the RTOs and RPOs as defined by the business”.

Gurdip Sohal, Sales Director, Covenco Recovery Services 28th March 2017

“Covenco delivered a compelling Proof of Concept, which enabled us to test all of the essential elements of the complete backup and Disaster Recovery solution. We now replicate our critical VMs to the Covenco Disaster Recovery site every two hours, which significantly reduces our risk of data loss between backup Cycles. Two years on, we’ve now had three very successful Disaster Recovery Tests at Covenco. So we’re very comfortable with our decision and confident that we can achieve our recovery time objectives in the event of a Disaster Recovery situation.”

Martin Cheverall, Technical Infrastructure manager at West of England 28th March 2017

“Kingspan were looking for a Disaster Recovery company with proven experience in managing mixed O/S environments, with dedicated skill sets and experience on each platform. The success of each Disaster Recovery test has given them the assurance that we can provide the critical support and infrastructure in the event of a Disaster Recovery situation”

Gurdip Sohal, Sales Director, Covenco Recovery Services 28th March 2017

“Our business was looking for an opportunity to perform an offsite Disaster Recovery test in a facility that supported both x86 VMware and P-series AIXbased SAP environments. We were looking for a partner, who could not only offer the hardware skills, but also the experience of staff to perform such an exercise. We have engaged with Covenco, who offered just that. We have since been working together with Covenco on an off-siting strategy; performed several successful Disaster Recovery tests and have started using them as hardware stockist due to their flexibility and good understanding of our requirements.”

Mike Adamczyk Divisional IS Technical Manager, Kingspan Insulated Panels 28th March 2017

Our limited tolerance to risk means that the expectations we place
on our Disaster Recovery provider are exceptionally high


Mark Balcombe. IT Manager and Associate Director, Bell & Clements. 28th March 2017