Rapid Recovery by Quest – Backup and Replication

ZeroIMPACT recovery – anything to anywhere

Optimise your users’ experience and simplify backup and recovery. Rapid Recovery, the next generation of AppAssure software, lets you protect anything – systems, apps and data – anywhere, whether it’s physical, virtual or in the cloud.

Run without restore, with zero impact on your users, as if the outage never happened. Connect to the Cloud simply and easily, and protect growing virtual environments automatically. Manage and configure your data protection in just a few clicks using one friendly, comprehensive GUI. Easily implement DRaaS in the Azure cloud.

With Rapid Recovery, you get one advanced, admin-friendly solution.

Rapid recovery by Quest

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Cloud archive

Archive your static data to Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Rackspace, or any OpenStack provider. Expand your recovery options by directly mounting archives for simple bare metal restore and file-level restore.

Rapid Snap for Applications

Use incremental-forever snapshots to capture an entire application and its relevant state, up to every 5 minutes, for complete application and system recovery with near-zero RTOs and aggressive RPOs.

Rapid Snap for Virtual

Achieve easy, scalable protection for your growing virtual environment by protecting VMware and Hyper-V VMs without disrupting applications and users.

Live Recovery

Restore operations near-instantly with an RTO of minutes.

Virtual Standby

Continually send updates to a virtual machine that can be activated in the event there’s an issue with the primary machine.

Using Rapid Recovery, you can:

* Recover whole systems, your apps and their data — even terabytes of data — in less than 15 minutes

* Ensure zero impact on your users by presenting them with the data they request instantly, during restores, as if the outage never happened

* Assure system, application and data availability everywhere: physical, virtual and cloud

* Protect growing virtual environments automatically

* Connect to all the leading public clouds simply and easily

* Match data protection to your needs, using agent-based and agentless backup — all in one solution

* Lower costs – all capabilities included in one solution

* Manage and configure your data protection in just a few clicks— simplified processes and one friendly, comprehensive management interface

…all with one simple solution. No shopping around and paying extra to get various capabilities, no juggling multiple solutions and no time wasted learning and using multiple interfaces.