Tape Out Services

Cost Effective Long Term Data Retention

Data is fast becoming the most valuable asset any organisation possesses and continues to grow at an exponential rate. However, storing data can become very expensive depending on how long you need to retain it. Using Tape backup for long term data retention is still the most cost effective method, especially with larger data volumes.

Effective Protection Against Malicious Cyber Attacks and Ransomware

Typically, companies will store backups either on tape media or disk based technologies. Good practice dictates that if Tape media is used, then the media is sent offsite for storage. If it’s disk based backups, then ensuring a copy is sent offsite normally by some form of replication or Cloud backup is very important to protect against any outage to the primary source data, be it some form of technical failure of infrastructure or a malicious security breach by a Cyber attacker.

Cyber criminals target backup servers once they force their way into a customer’s network. They know that if they can disable or delete the backups, that they stand a much better chance of being paid a Ransom. They will actively target and trace backup jobs and try to understand the movement of backups to determine whether other copies exist online. If they discover additional copies, they too will be deleted. Over the years, many organisations have followed a 3-2-1 backup rule (3 copies of data, across two media types, 1 offsite). Many have also removed tape from their environments and instead opted to backup up across two sets of online disk storage across geographically diverse sites.

Covenco has always insisted that any backup solution should meet the 3-2-1-1 backup principal (3 of copies of data, across 2 different media types, 1 copy offsite and 1 copy offline).

The Covenco Tape Out Service provides Customers with a cost effective solution for long term retention of data. As data continues to grow exponentially, Companies are faced with the challenge of how to protect this very important commodity. The Tape Out Service is significantly cheaper than storing long term retention on disk and provides an “air gapped” backup as its completely offline ensuring additional recovery options in the event of any Ransomware attack.

It is very common for Cyber attacks to target local and remote online backup repositories. Cyber attackers understand most companies would simply scratch their environments and restore from the last good backup, rather than entertain paying a Ransom. For this reason, Cyber attackers now specifically seek out the local backup repository and delete all back files.

The more sophisticated attackers also look for any traces of offsite backups, in the hope that should they discover an online offsite repository, they can delete them. What they cannot delete however is any offsite Offline copies as they are simply not visible, therefore can be used to recover and restore data in such scenarios.

Benefits of Tape Out Service

Cost effective long term data retention
Protection against malicious cyber-attacks and ransomware
Comply to the 3-2-1-1 best practice for backup strategy
Meet compliance and regulatory requirements
Let Covenco conduct the backups and enjoy the service