Ship to Site – Relocatable

Invoke Covenco’s Relocatable Recovery solution in the event of a disaster and we will install replacement computer equipment at your designated site.

Our relocatable recovery solution is typically deployed in the event of a technical disaster where your servers may be unable to function but the computing environment itself remains largely unaffected. It is also highly effective for clients with multiple sites, one or more of which could be designated as a recovery location.

Delivery, installation and configuration of alternate IT equipment to a designated recovery location

Up to 13 weeks’ invocation period (with no additional charges)

Our disaster recovery specialists will remain on site until your systems are restored and stable

Annual test/rehearsal of the disaster recovery solution

Guaranteed pre-determined response times

Documented Test and Restore procedures

Statistics show the most common IT related disaster is of a technical nature, for example hardware and/or software failure. Such failures rarely impact the physical computing environment or network infrastructure and are usually isolated to a particular piece of equipment. To mitigate against such risks a relocatable recovery solution is very effective.