Object Storage

Cost-Saving Long-Term Backups with Immutability Protection

Offering limitless scalability at a low cost, Object Storage is the ideal solution for IT professionals looking to store large volumes of static or unstructured data.

By designating each unit of data as an object, Object Storage removes the need for folders or complex hierarchies and instead treats each object as a self-contained item, including all its metadata and a customer identifier. These can then be place into a storage pool, allowing for greater data analysis and resiliency.

Another Layer of Security Against Malicious Activity and User Error

Immutable data is also another precaution you can take against ransomware attacks – once ingested, the data can no longer be modified by external or internal operations, ensuring you always have an intact backup of your data. These immutable backups can also provide protection against data deterioration from malicious and accidental occurrences such as the use of inappropriate cloud technology, application bugs and user error or sabotage.

By removing the ability for your immutable data to be encrypted, Immutability Protection can provide that additional peace of mind in the event of a cyber attack.

Key Benefits of Object Storage

Our complete multi-tier, multi-location, multi-tenant 100% OpEx solution for Veeam Backup includes:

  • Zero ingress or egress charges
  • Limitless scalability
  • Single, simplified backup and recovery solution for both on premises and cloud deployments
  • All Tiers, from performance primary All Flash to scale-out Object in one platform ecosystem
  • Ability to change technology based upon business demands and technology advancements
  • 100%-OpEx storage that matches Veeam Cloud Rental Licensing
  • Rapid on-premises recovery and offsite Cloud Tier SOBR solution
  • 24x7x365 managed service for complete peace of mind