Secure Collaboration Service

If your business handles documents that contain information about individuals, then GDPR has huge implications, and your working practices are likely to need to change. 

After May 25th 2018, storing and sharing documents via unencrypted services, such as email, CRM, document management, and file servers is no longer going to be acceptable. To be GDPR compliant you need a platform which allows businesses users to exchange information securely with their clients, suppliers and colleagues, a secure collaboration platform.

However, not all secure collaboration platforms are created equal – most don’t even encrypt your confidential information, and those that do typically allow system administrators and service providers to override the encryption. However, our Secure Collaboration Platform uses “Zero Knowledge Encryption”, which means that only the users who have been explicitly granted access can decrypt documents about an individual.

Most encryption products are also difficult to setup and use, but our Secure Collaboration Platform is not only extremely secure, it is also really easy to use. Business users simply create encrypted containers, add documents and folders, and invite other users and guests to collaborate.

  • Business users can share secure access to encrypted containers with other users and guests
  • Guests can be invited to read, update and create files, so you can collaborate in both directions.
  • Guest registration is free, so business users collaborate across the supply chain without increasing costs.
  • Previous versions of all documents are archived automatically, so you can access them easily, when required.
  • Distributed ledger technology is used to store information within a forensic archive, for assured data integrity.
  • For resilience, the ledger is distributed across multiple UK data centres certified to ISO27001.
  • A cloud service designed for GDPR compliance.