Personnel Risk Management

Our Personnel Risk Management service provides visibility of employee emotional and psychological patterns, over time and in relation to other employees, on a daily basis.  

Companies have a duty of care to protect their personnel from coercion and manipulation by colleagues and those outside the organisation. Access to confidential information and decision-making authority have the potential to make a person vulnerable to such attacks.

Personnel vetting is normally conducted when an employee is hired, and then refreshed annually through surveys and appraisals, but this does not provide adequate visibility of their emotional state and potential vulnerability to manipulation.


Pre-emptive risk analysis of individuals and groups

Early identification of high risk information

Supports proportional response with just cause

Supports duty of care for employees at risk

PersonnelShield uses real time psycholinguistic profiling and analysis to identify individuals who are at risk of ‘Insider behaviour’ prior to an event occurring. This highly secure technology exploits cutting edge research on the psychology and linguistic nature of insider risk carried out on behalf of the  Ministry of Defence, working in partnership with some of the UK’s leading universities.

PersonnelShield highlights psycholinguistic indicators common to insider risk activity that sit outside of employees’ usual patterns of behaviour. During analysis, source material remains confidential, allowing oversight and governance proportionate to the risk, compliance with legislation and therefore does not infringe on reasonable expectations of personal privacy.

PersonnelShield supports your organisation’s HR function regarding the ‘duty of care’ for staff, by highlighting potential incidents of stress related illness, workplace bullying and harassment and other negative behaviours. This enables early intervention and protects individuals and the workplace. Personnel Shield safeguards your staff, your data and your organisation’s reputation.