Quorum OnQ Hybrid Cloud Solution

Quorum click Instant Recovery

OnQ is a unique solution, designed to replicate each Windows server in real time to a Virtualised Appliance, which delivers One-Click Failover should a server fail, placing all of your applications and data back online within minutes of a storage, system or an entire site failure.  The architecture provides for automatic replication, delivering both local and remote disaster recovery.


OnQ takes a full backup of the server
image, applications and data, and then
executes incremental backups at a
user defined frequency – as often as
every 15 mins.

Instant Recovery

Recover any failed server with one click
in our browser interface. Our virtual
machine clones are always up to date
and ready to run.


Deduplication occurs twice, once at
the source and once at the repository,
thereby reducing storage and network
bandwidth requirements.

Offsite Replecation

After creating or updating a recovery
node, the local onQ appliance
compresses and encrypts the backup
data and sends it to either a customer
remote location, or to the onQ Cloud


OnQ offers a range of failback options
from bare metal restore to incremental
failback. You can failback to similar
or different hardware, from physical
to virtual, virtual to virtual, or virtual to
physical hardware.


Policy-based migration and long
term storage of virtually unlimited
de-duplicated data that must be
maintained for extended periods.


Our fully isolated sandbox environment
allows for patch testing, upgrades and
configuration changes before moving
into production.


Every time we update a clone we start
it up, to guarantee that it will be usable
when needed.

Quorum® onQ® is the global leader in 1-click recovery, providing everything you need for immediate recovery of your critical systems after any storage, system or site failure. It does this by automatically maintaining up-to-date, ready-to-run virtual machine clones of your physical and virtual servers stored on a dedicated appliance, transparently taking over for failed servers within minutes. Quorum’s unified data protection platform delivers instant recovery, offsite replication for all of your servers, data, and applications. Quorum’s OnQ technology (hyperlink to Technologies – OnQ) is built to instantly recover all of your systems in just minutes. You can deploy OnQ with Quorum’s purpose-built appliances or on your own hardware. Your OnQ protection will protect both physical and virtual servers and any connected data. OnQ will replicate your entire data centre and provide instant recovery offsite.

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