Next-Gen Firewall Monitoring and Management Services

Managed Next-Gen Firewall/UTM Security Services

It stands like a physical wall keeping attackers at bay. But a firewall on its own is not enough. Businesses need to take a more strategic approach to defending their borders and fine tune their firewall to achieve a balance between security and performance. Next Gen Firewall/ UTM management requires specialist security skills set and is very demanding in today’s dynamic threat landscape. A firewall should be implemented, monitored and maintained regularly and meticulously to save organizations from internal and external cyber threats. It should be upgraded and patched on a regular basis. Security policies and configurations should be in sync with business needs and evolving threats. Network traffic must be monitored continuously to identify and respond to threats in real time.

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Benefits of outsourcing your Next-Gen Firewall/UTM management to us:

Improved Network Security – Our managed firewall services are monitored 24X7X365.

Compliance – Helps you to be continuous compliance ready.

Comprehensive reports – Our technical, operational and trend reports give you in depth insights into security and help you to meet continuous compliance requirement and provide you actionable intelligence.

SLA – backed service – Our managed firewall services are backed by industry-leading SLAs.

Offload work load of your in house IT team – Our team of experts become extension of your team and mitigate risks of lack of security knowledge.

Reduced complexity – We take care of the technology, so you don’t have to.

Reduced costs – By moving to a managed service you take advantage of OPEX pricing model. The affordable and predictable cost of monitoring and managing your Next-Gen Firewall/UTM.

How Covenco Recovery Services can help


Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) helps in managing asset Information, finding vulnerabilities, detecting threats and monitors for suspicious behaviour

Utilise our SIEM (Security information and event management) solution for event correlation, threat intelligence, breach detection and real time security alerts.

State of the art remote monitoring, alerting and management system

Scalable infrastructure allowing you to easily add new sites and appliances

SLA driven ticketing system

Experienced security engineers, trained and qualified in managed product set

Compliance Assistance 

ITIL’s best practices aligned with IT Service management 

Standardised methods for efficient response, analysis, documentation, ongoing management 

Comprehensive reporting

 Strict SLAs 

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