Next-Gen Firewall Auditing (FireSecure)


Get your Next-Gen Firewall/UTM device Audited, Reported and Secured today!

You may have a Next-Gen Firewall/UTM as your first line of defence against cyber threats. But does it have the required immunity to fight against the continuously evolving complex threats your business faces? A simple check can surprise you with its outcome

Research from Gartner suggests that, by 2020, 99% of firewall breaches will be caused by simple firewall misconfigurations, not
flaws. Not just misconfiguration which leads to major security problems, unpatched or poorly maintained security products are
also a major threat to the organization.

While the security products are vital to secure your network and data but these are merely tools. Most SME’s do not have the right
skill set to ensure that the product implemented is configured and setup to the best of the products abilities and industry practices.

Covenco Recovery Services offers a consultancy service, “FireSecure” which ensures your Next-Gen Firewall / UTM devices are Manually Audited (250+ checks), bespoke reported on and remediated by highly skilled network security experts. Making sure your security devices maintain the highest level of defence and are fully compliant with industry best practice.

For any size and shape of organisation, FireSecure, should be part of your basic network security hygiene.

Next-Gen Firewall Auditing

The FireSecure process

The FireSecure process


The FireSecure process

Audit Schedule

Highly skilled Network Security Experts at Covenco Recovery Services have designed comprehensive auditing process to ensure your security device maintains good security posture and is fully compliant with industry best practices.

The FireSecure process

Audit Report

On successful completion of the auditing process, our SOC team prepare a detailed report to make the customer aware of key findings, the security posture of the device and remediation recommendations.

The FireSecure process

Remediation Consultancy

Remediation is the most critical phase of the FireSecure service as it determines what action to take in response to audit findings.

The FireSecure process

Implementation Schedule

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