Mimix IBM HA & Disaster Recovery Services

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HA/Disaster Recovery for IBM i (iOS) and IBM P (AIX)

MIMIX® Availability leads the industry in IBM i high availability and disaster recovery. Thousands of companies worldwide – from small businesses to global enterprises – depend on MIMIX Availability to keep their data safe and their operations running smoothly. Proven in the market for more than 20 years, MIMIX Availability virtually eliminates downtime and data loss.

How it works
MIMIX Availability transparently replicates critical data and applications in real time from a production server to a recovery server. Leveraging the IBM i operating system’s remote journaling functionality, along with other change, capture, and replication mechanisms, MIMIX Availability ensures that the recovery server is always a complete, ready-to-run replica.

MIMIX Availability monitors for issues related to replication and switch readiness, reporting any problems in its browser-based status display and through email notification. Any information necessary to diagnose the problem and rapidly switch to the recovery server, which can be located anywhere in the world, is also provided. It is also easy to switch operations to the recovery server to eliminate downtime during production server maintenance.

When the production server is available again, MIMIX Availability resynchronizes the two servers by replicating any changes made on the recovery server back to the original server. Then, when you are ready, it is easy to switch users back to the production server. Your recovery system is always “switch-ready” and available to assume responsibility for running your critical operations at a moment’s notice.

Watch this brief video for a quick review of the seven key features that make MIMIX Availability the leading HA/DR solution for IBM i.

Download Datasheet here to learn more about the key benefits, how the solution works and the system requirements.

MIMIX Consulting Services from Covenco

Planning a MIMIX deployment? Take advantage of our experience and let a Covenco consultant design your configuration and deployment.

They will maximise solution performance by ….

Optimising yout HA Environments

Optimising your HA environments

Determining the most efficient data apply process

Determining the most efficient data apply process

Take advantage of advanced database apply caching

Take advantage of advanced database-apply caching

Accelerating the speed and accuracy of data replication

Accelerating the speed and accuracy of data replication

Seeking out and elminating issues affecting HA integrity

Seeking out and eliminating issues affecting HA integrity

Reducing the time required to swap the production and backup roles

Reducing the time required to swap the production and backup roles