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Product Insight: Veeam Backup Office 365 V3

Here are some of the most common questions about Veeam Backup Office 365 and the new features that come with V3… Why do I need to backup Office 365? Isn’t Microsoft taking care of everything? One of the biggest mistakes that people make is to assume that Microsoft takes care of everything, including backing up their data. They don’t! Microsoft is responsible for the infrastructure so making sure that it is always available for its users. When it comes to data, it’s the users’ responsibility to control it, back it up and if necessary, recover it. What are the risks of not having a backup for Office 365? Without a backup for your Office 365 environment […]


So, you have a Disaster Recovery plan, but have you tested it?

We have talked about the importance of disaster recovery planning many times in our blog posts. We have mentioned why organisations need to plan in case the worst should happen, and we have explained the benefits. What we have not so far focused upon is testing. A recent survey conducted in the UK found that 92% of business have some sort of IT disaster recovery solution in place, but only 59% of these businesses carry out regular tests. These stats are alarming, especially if we consider the magnitude at which cyber threats are growing. For the reasons below and more, testing is a critical process of any disaster recovery plan. First, you need to know if […]


Lunch & Learn about Data Protection and Availability

Data Protection and Availability is the theme for this year’s Lunch & Learn events. Covenco Recovery Services is proud to announce the 2019 series of these engaging half-day events which will take place on: 30th April, at The City Centre, London 1st May, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Manchester-Piccadilly 2nd May, National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham  All three of these events will feature presentations by Covenco’s specialist engineers as well as guest speakers from Veeam and other partners. During the sessions, the speakers will share their knowledge, experience and even provide some practical tips that attendees can take back to their organisations. Each event will also involve a panel, which will prompt discussion related to the data protection and availability […]


Covenco launches first Disaster Recovery Week 2019

Disaster Recovery Week (DR Week 2019) will take place from the 25th to  29th March 2019 Covenco Recovery Services is proud to announce its first ever DR Week 2019, an exclusive webinar series featuring current topics and solutions in the disaster recovery and business continuity spectrum. With this brand-new initiative, Covenco Recovery Services aims at engaging with its audience and raising awareness of the importance of disaster recovery for businesses of all sizes, across all industry sectors. DR Week’s webinars will be presented by experts in the field and some of Covenco’s top partners, including Veeam, Nettitude, Quest and the recently added Blancco. The webinars will give the audience the opportunity to learn more about traditional […]

Distributed Denial of Service

Should you be worried about Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks?

The answer is yes. As organisations evolve online services, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are becoming a real problem. It is now not a case of if a business will be hit by such attack, but when. The size and frequency of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are on the rise – by over 100% year on year – and even large public and private organisations in the UK and Ireland have been affected. For example, the BBC website suffered a DDoS attack and its iPlayer platform was made unavailable for a period. The website for a Manchester casino was also taken offline by a DDoS attack and the owners were contacted by the cyber criminals, who […]

Cyber Security Breach

How to bounce back from a cyber security breach?

Cyber security breaches are on the rise and becoming more and more sophisticated. According to the UK Government, four in ten businesses and two in ten charities in the UK have experienced a cyber attack in 2018. These numbers are only likely to increase this year, and your organisation might be the next victim. Although we hope this will not be the case, here are some top tips on how to bounce back from a cyber attack. Call in a professional DR and Cyber Security service provider Unless you have an internal cyber security expert, then you will need professional help from an organisation like Covenco Recovery Services, who will be able to assist you every […]

backup and replication

Backup and Replication – why you need both

We often hear the words backup and replication, whether alone or together, these terms play a central role in disaster recovery and business continuity strategies. However, what is the difference between the two? And why do most DR providers encourage their clients to have both? Backup A backup is a process of making a copy of data and storing it offsite. Backup can be done to tape, which requires a tape library and physical storage space, becoming more common is backing up to disk either in the ‘Cloud’ or on a second site. Accessing a backup solution is not expensive for businesses and can be used for making a copy of almost everything within the organisation, […]

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

A case for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

“Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a highly beneficial solution for organisations who wish to protect their data and ensure its availability in the event of any planned or unplanned downtime.” Gurdip Sohal, Sales Director, Covenco Recovery Services.   Organisations face a multitude of threats every day. From power outages, hardware and software failure, to data corruption and external security breaches, companies need to have a DR solution that can help them reduce downtime and recover business operations as soon as possible. Businesses must have a disaster recovery (DR) solution in place, but building, managing and testing one requires knowledge, time and resources. If a DR solution is not implemented or tested correctly then it […]

high availability

A closer look at High Availability solutions

There are businesses that cannot afford IT downtime, this means that their operations must always keep running. High Availability solutions are designed specifically for these businesses and have the ability to guarantee 99.999% uptime. But what exactly is, High Availability? It refers to systems and solutions that are durable and able to operate continuously, without failure for a long time. This standard of availability is also referred to as “five 9s” (99.999 %). High Availability works by having redundant components combined with systems which perform regular self-checks to ensure all are working properly. If a component failure is detected, the system will activate and switch to the redundant spare without any downtime. One of the biggest misconceptions of […]

laptop cloud backup

Laptop cloud backup: a different ending to the story

This is the short story about Lisa. Lisa is a sales manager working for a small manufacturing company. Lisa lives quite far away from her office, so a couple of days per week she works from home. As she owns a small flat, Lisa likes to work in her local café. She does this frequently as it is a quiet place where she can concentrate. One morning Lisa goes to the café, orders her latte and takes a seat. She puts her work laptop on the table, switches it on and opens her email. “Lisa” someone shouts from the bar, “your latte is ready”. Lisa gets up and walks away from her table, grabs her latte, […]

GDPR guidance

Need GDPR guidance? 10 tips to stay compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has revolutionised laws that protect ‘personal information’ and altered how businesses and public sector organisations can store and utilise data relating to their customers. Established companies have gone through a complex process of becoming compliant over the last 12-18 months. But what if you have just started a business, maybe GDPR guidance is what you need. We have listed the top ten tips to become GDPR compliant. Data Mapping Knowing how data moves within your organisation is the key to understanding how to protect it. Identifying where data comes from, the type of data, the reason for storing that data and how it is handled and processed will allow you […]

Disaster Recovery UK

Disaster Recovery: Expect the best, plan for the worst and prepare to be surprised

Few businesses plan for disaster, but perhaps we should. When you initially set up your business all your efforts are driven towards success, and while acknowledging that a disaster event is a possibility, most don’t allow that possibility to hold them back or, indeed, plan for it… However, as any business advisor will recommend, it is only prudent to have some sort of back-up plan in place. Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are key elements in any organisation’s day to day business, both processes are equally important because they provide detailed strategies on how the business will continue to operate during and after severe interruptions and disasters. While it isn’t possible to eliminate all risks, […]

Cyber Security Monitoring

Cyber Security Monitoring best practices

Cyber Security Monitoring is a critical element of cyber risk management that enables you to detect cyber-attacks at their beginning and escalate threats for remediation before they can cause damage to your business. Cyber attacks have become the new norm and no matter what the size of your organisation, you must have a proper cyber security strategy in place to monitor activities. If you own or work for an SME, then you are more at risk. SMEs are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks as they often lack the resources to build the necessary IT infrastructure to protect themselves. However, cyber security monitoring is necessary in the digital age, and even SMEs need to have a system in […]

Phishing attacks

How to protect your organisation from phishing attacks?

In the latest State of Email Security 2018 Report, conducted by Mimecast, 61% of respondents reported that their organisation had been “hit by an attack where malicious activity was spread from one infected user to other employees via email.” Emails are still the number one vector used by attackers to initiate malware delivery, impersonation and phishing attacks. Over the last year, phishing attacks against organisations have increased, with many companies facing internal threats driven by careless employees, malicious insiders and compromised accounts. If you wish to protect your business, then email security should be part of your core strategy. So, what are the steps that you can take to protect your organisation from phishing and other […]

Business Continuity Consulting

How can Business continuity consulting help your organisation?

Business continuity consulting is a cost-effective and reliable service for organisations who are looking to develop a business continuity plan without the burden of employing a business continuity specialist. Many business continuity training opportunities are available for employees taking on this role, but organisations should not underestimate how the lack of professional experience can impact the success of a continuity plan. With a business continuity consulting service, you will be advised by professionals who have the knowledge, skills and experience to build a business continuity plan. They will help you identify risks and threats to your organisation, put in place adequate measures to mitigate them and reduce downtime in case of a disruption. Here are some […]