Laptop Backup Cloud Services

Backup & Recovery, Encryption, Remote Data Delete, Port Access Control

Stolen or damaged laptop? With a Covenco Online Backup contract, we will deliver a fully restored laptop of your choice from a pre-allocated stock within 4 hours direct to the end user, a complete system with the user’s entire data – as of the last backup. If economical to do so, we will also repair the damaged laptop and return it your stock.

Port & Drive Access Control

Centrally manage the read/ write access or total lockdown of any port or drive on individual Laptops or group of devices. This includes USB Drives, CDs & DVDs, Serial and Parallel Ports, Bluetooth Devices, Floppy & Tape Drives, Firewire ports and iSCSI Devices.

The scope and value of this capability in stopping laptop users attaching devices that contain potentially damaging and harmful content should not be underestimated.

Management Control Console

Using the Management Control Console you can define policies for data backup, recovery, port access control, remote data deletion and device tracking. Devices can be managed individually or by group or user function, removing the risks associated with relying on users’ cooperation to comply with corporate policies.

Compliance reports: If you function within a heavily regulated industry, you can generate reports to show the effectiveness of your compliance policies.

At Rest AES Encryption = absolute security

AES Encryption is a Military grade state-of-the-art security for files at rest on the hard drive.

So finally – you can now assure the business that no unauthorized person can ever get access to your Laptop data.

Remote Data Deletion

The Central Policy Control Console enables you to define the automatic or time scheduled deletion of data for any set of circumstances.

Time-based triggers: Should a device be lost or stolen, a policy of auto deletion will take effect after a defined period, even if the device does not connect to the internet.

Immediate Deletion: You can effect an immediate deletion of files when a device is next connected to your network. This facility is enormously valuable when an employee is dismissed and is still in possession of the company’s laptop.

Selective Deletion: Individual files or folders can be automatically deleted from selected laptops or groups of laptops. This facility is used by organisations to ensure that out-dated or incorrect information is removed from circulation.