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Stay Prepared – Disaster Recovery Services and Planning

We hope you never experience the trauma of a complete loss of your IT infrastructure. It’s a most unpleasant experience that can have a devastating financial and reputational impact on your organisation, and to the people who depend on it.

Whether it is a fire, a flood or a ‘man-made’ disaster you CAN mitigate the risks by having a well-planned disaster recovery strategy, supported by a professional disaster recovery company, who will ensure that your business is equipped with the most appropriate technologies and skills to enable a rapid return to ‘business as usual’. That’s what Covenco Recovery Services have been successfully doing for over 13 years. We deliver IT disaster recovery and business continuity when unforeseen disruptions bring organisations to a standstill.

So, you have a Disaster Recovery Plan, that’s a great start, but do you KNOW your DR plan will work? When was your plan last updated and tested? Have you taken into account the new applications and services your organisation has recently acquired? Have you considered the new technologies that can make it easier to recover from a disaster?

Expect the best, plan for the worst and prepare to be surprised, is the motto Covenco Recovery Services engineers live by. They have thousands of hours of experience recovering IT systems from all types of media and using a wide variety of technologies. They work on a daily basis with our customers to help them test and refine their IT Disaster Recovery plans. So that when the worst happens they can be confident their plan will work and their business will suffer minimal disruption.

Check out the different types of IT Disaster Recovery options using the links below and contact us to discuss what would be most appropriate for your business.

Do you know your current level of Data Availability, Backup & Disaster Recovery? We are proud to offer a free online consultation that will clearly highlight your current strengths and weaknesses. Best of all it takes less than 2 minutes to complete and it will generate a full Executive Report for you.