InformationShield enables secure, forensically auditable collaboration, within and beyond your organisation. 

It allows you to secure confidential information in encrypted containers, which may then be shared securely and transparently both within your company and with external parties. InformationShield ensures and evidences regulatory compliance, protecting your organisation’s reputation and dramatically reducing your risk of financial penalties for GDPR violations.

Businessman on online Financial Assessment on a tablet
  • Distributed ledgers provide full audit capability
  • Forensically ready Evidence-based compliance
  • Information encrypted in use, in transit and at rest
  • Secure collaboration & version controlled file systems

Highly Secure: You decide where your data can be stored and accessed and ensure it can only be decrypted, in memory, on a specified device, by the people you authorise.

Easy To Use: Integrates with Windows Explorer allowing ease of use from all applications.

Fully Compatible: Fully compatible with all versions of Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, iOS, Android.

Reputational Protection: Protects against the accidental or malicious leakage of personal data, thereby reducing the potential impact of any security breach.

Assures Compliance: Enables rapid response to information requests, e-disclosure, investigations, cyber security incidents and provides a forensic ready audit trail.