Blancco File Eraser

The first solution Common Criteria certified to permanently remove files on PC computers, laptops and servers

File Eraser ensures full compliance and enhanced security by automating data erasure routines that selectively erase data on active PCs, laptops and servers.

File Eraser makes it easy to automate a certified data sanitisation process for files and folders that become redundant, obsolete or trivial on active PCs, laptops and servers.

Backed by the testing and certification of Common Criteria, File Eraser allows your organisation to easily manage, automate and certify data erasure routines. This reduces user errors while enhancing security and compliance.

Key Benefits:

Securely Erase Data in Live Environments

Safely Monitor and Report on all Erasure Activity

Refine Internal Processes and Improve Transparency


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All erasures are verified and certified through a tamper proof audit trail.

Covenco Recovery Services has teamed up with Blancco to provide you the most comprehensive data erasure solution.

There are many overwriting solutions on the market, but our data erasure software offers complete security by overwriting data onto all sectors of the device.

Data sanitisation methods have been proven to render the data on the appropriate storage devices unrecoverable; but not all methods should be treated the same.

Our solutions are the best option to achieve true data sanitisation.