In the modern workplace, technological innovation is often driving the way in which organisations operate and in many instances, long periods of ‘downtime’ are no longer commercially acceptable. 

Why Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)?

The data protection and recovery capabilities of most businesses implementing DRaaS improve in the following key areas:

There is no need to equip a secondary data centre with computers and storage for an event which hopefully will never occur.

The organisation pays the DRaaS provider a retainer to access compute capabilities as and when they are required.

Disaster recovery testing becomes much easier.  Without DRaaS, DR testing often involves moving IT staff to an off-site location and manually running a disaster recovery drill. With DRaaS, it can be as simple as signing on to a login screen and testing your application stack.

Covenco Recovery Services’ range of DRaaS solutions are built to mitigate against downtime and remove the complexity of our customers having to recover critical applications themselves. We are not just offering a simple ‘backup to the cloud’ service, but a complete and comprehensive local backup, offsite replication and full disaster recovery service which your business can rely on should the unthinkable happen. Not all DRaaS offerings are equal and it is not always completely clear what is provided as standard within the service.

Assumptions are often made that, in the event of a disaster, the DRaaS provider will completely recover the customer’s environment. However, in reality it is often the Customer’s technical resources who have to recover their systems in the Cloud provider’s environment. This is not how Covenco Recovery Services operates! We will not just leave you to recover your own systems. We will lead the recovery effort and our team of specialists who are skilled and experienced in getting systems working and applications available will be with you every step of the way.

 Our DRaaS offerings include working with the following Vendors:

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