Carbonite Double Take Real-Time Data Backup

High availability offers failover protection for any environment

Businesses demand zero downtime, which is why so many companies are choosing DoubleTake from Carbonite. By keeping a continually updating shadow copy on standby, DoubleTake gives you the option to fail over to the backup at a moment’s notice, with virtually no interruption in service. Failing back is just as easy.


DoubleTake works equally well in a disaster and during planned downtime events like upgrades, patches and hardware changes. You simply move users to your identical secondary system — they won’t experience any interruption of service — while IT staff make changes, triage issues and test solutions. Your IT staff can take their time, without the pressure of impatient users and lost revenue. And, when it’s done, move everyone back.


In the terminology of availability, the recovery points (RPO) are measured in seconds, as the replication is continuous, and recovery times (RTO) are measured in minutes.
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Whether you have multiple data centers within your organization or work with one of our cloud partners, DoubleTake maintains an up-to-date copy of your protected system, 24×7. In the event of an outage, whether it impacts the entire primary site or just a few systems, the Carbonite DoubleTake Availability solution can fail over, shutting down the primary system and activating the secondary system in minutes.

Flexible deployment

Physical Virtual


With Carbonite DoubleTake Availability, you can protect:

  • Virtual machines running on Hyper-V and VMware
  • Physical machines running Linux or Windows
  • Cloud-based Linux or Windows Systems