Data Recovery Services

Recovery of data from damaged or corrupted storage devices

Whether by accident, disaster or another event outside your control, storage media can become corrupted, for any number of reasons. Whilst keeping up-to-date backups is the best approach, we live in a less than perfect world and it can sometimes be important to be able to recover data from a damaged or corrupted source.

Data & Media Recovery

Covenco offers a full data recovery/restoration service covering all types of digital, magnetic and optical data storage devices. We are able to recover data from hard disk drives, RAID based storage, network attached storage (NAS), SANs, backup tapes, digital storage media such as USB sticks, photo cards or PDA memory, optical storage such as CD/DVDs and removable magnetic media such as floppy disks.

We can recover data from all modern operating systems, including Windows, Novell, Linux and UNIX based operating systems.