Antigena Network

Meet the award-winning Autonomous Response solution that responds to cyber-threats in real time


Working alongside the Enterprise Immune System, Darktrace Antigena takes action according to the threat level detected, allowing you to run your business as usual.

The digital antibody that neutralises cyber threats in seconds

It takes just seconds for Darktrace Antigena to neutralise cyber threats ranging from cloud misconfigurations through to hacked IoT devices and credentials that have been compromised. Using Autonomous Response technology, the Antigena solution can respond to cyber attacks across your digital environments with surgical precision by mathematically determining the best action to take within the shortest period in order to prevent attacks spreading.

Stay informed wherever you go

Darktrace Antigena not only defends 24/7 but also allows time for your security teams to catch up with detected threats. The Darktrace Mobile App also offers two customisable modes to keep you informed when on the move. Human confirmation mode allows you to build trust by giving you the option to confirm Antigena’s recommended actions while Active Mode hands the controls over to Antigena to acts autonomously within its defined operating parameters.

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This easy-to-install system combines real-time threat detection, data visualization and advanced investigation capabilities in a single, unified solution.

This self-learning technology passively learns what ‘normal’ looks like across OT, IT and industrial IoT to recognise even subtle indicators of emerging attacks which would otherwise go unnoticed, providing 100% visibility across the board.

Stop even unknown malware from compromising your inbox with a self-learning Cyber AI solution that understands the human, not just the email address.

Learn more about the Antigena Email solution in How to Stop Fearware: Using Cyber AI to Defend the Inbox

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