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Creating and developing your cyber security strategy

Covenco Recovery Services works closely with award winning cyber security service provider, Nettitude to deliver comprehensive security solutions. Nettitude has developed a unique product called Threat2Alert (T2A) that is used to generate rich data from your environment from which Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) can be detected. Each component of T2A work together to provide a detailed picture of the systems you need protected.

As a cyber security consultancy we have in-depth complimentary services from across the business that all contribute to our Manged Security Services (MSS) through our Network Operation Centre (NOC), Security Operations Centre (SOC) and Incident Response (IR) operations. These services enable us to understand the sharp end of both defensive and offensive security.

Our SOC provides services focused on defensive and incident response, whilst our NOC delivers the defensive capabilities for your environments. This document provides details of the NOC services shown below.

What does an effective Managed Security Service program provide?

A dramatic reduction in time, and therefore the costs, of resolving incidents

The ability to maintain productivity, whilst specialist staff resolve incidents

An expeditious containment of an incident, helping to prevent the spread, and therefore cost, of the incident

An early resolution of incidents preventing further losses of data from a compromised system

A high likelihood of receiving cyber insurance coverage at a reasonable premium

The conformity to industry best practice and emerging legal requirements

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Security Operations Centre, powered by the Threat2Alert platform

  1. LogRhythm MSSP delivered SIEM
  2. Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)
  3. Honeypots
  4. Host Based Agents
  5. Network Appliance (coming soon)

24 x 7 Eyes on Screen Detection & Monitoring Service

Threat Intelligence Correlation

Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

IPS/IDS Management

Cyber Analysts

Alerts & Reporting

Incident Response (IR) Services

Malware Reverse Engineering

Network Packet Investigations

Host Based Analysis

Data Discovery

Incident Testing


IR Policy & Processes

VIP Service

Cyber Insurance Claim Data

Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Fully Managed Firewalls & Network Devices

24×7 Support

2-Factor Authentication

Fully Managed IPS/IDS

Hotfix & Patch Updates

Threat Management Updates

Change Control Verification

Health & Availability Monitoring

Cyber Threat Intelligence Advisories

SNMP/Netflow Data Analysis

The Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape The volume of cyber-attacks grow year after year. For organizations to maintain a strong security posture, they need to deliver round the clock security services. Attackers do not only attack during core business hours. They are attacking organizations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Nettitude is the trusted security partner for many organizations. Our team of highly skilled people deliver services through our state of the art Security and Network Operations Centres (SOCs / NOCs).

Our managed security services are vendor agnostic and will interface with all standard security frameworks. Nettitude is firmly focused on effective risk management through delivering a best in class detection and response capability. Our core skills in simulating advanced cyber-attacks, research and vulnerability discovery and securing environments for regulatory standards, give a breadth and depth to our managed security offering that rivals the best in the industry.

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