The Covenco Group

Since 1989 Covenco has been buying, selling and renting IBM, HP and other premium brands across the globe through their offices in the UK, USA, Spain, Ireland and Denmark.

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Covenco UK Ltd – Unit 3, MXL Center, Lombard Way, Banbury OX16 4TJ, United Kingdom

Applied Technologies is accredited by all the major OEM vendors to supply new IT hardware and consultancy to UK businesses, from SMB to Blue Chip and Public Sector. Their expertise and innovative solutions, provide their clients with the resources to meet business, whilst always striving to deliver best value.

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Covenco Applied Technologies Ltd – Deseronto Business Park, St Mary’s Road, Langley SL3 7EW, United Kingdom

Covenco Recovery Services’ capacity, capability and expertise in the field of disaster recovery springs from its close relationship with sister companies Covenco UK Ltd and Applied Technologies. Established in 1989 and 2006 respectively, both have built solid reputations for service and reliability in the provision and support of second user and new IBM iSeries, pSeries and INTEL Servers.
Covenco Recovery Services provides its tailored disaster recovery and business continuity solutions to businesses whose technology is often founded on these same platforms. Therefore, through its relationship with Covenco UK and the substantial stock of iSeries (AS/400), pSeries (RS/6000) and PC Server/Intel equipment it holds, Covenco Recovery Services is uniquely placed to provide quality disaster recovery services for IBM users at very competitive prices.