Case Study - Insurance Broker – Bell & Clements Ltd

The Challenge

Bell & Clements Ltd is an accredited Lloyd’s broker with its headquarters in the City of London. For over 30 years they have established a leadership position in the provision of insurance services to North American wholesale brokers and managing general agents. However, they are not just a user of technology, but a leading innovator in the development of Web based Portal technology for their own customers. In 2009, they launched a unique data management portal, ‘The Bridge’, which provides a level of real time data analysis to customers submitting bordereaux that they could not obtain anywhere else. Their technology goes far beyond providing standard reports, to the provision of sophisticated analytics and modelled data.
Mark Balcombe, IT Manager and Associate Director of Bell & Clements explained, “With such a critical dependency on our IT infrastructure, our business users have a very limited tolerance of the risk of ‘downtime’. Consequently, when the existing DR contract came up for renewal in 2014, we set out the new criteria for performance and reliability and invited several companies to submit proposals. It was a long process, but it became clear that Covenco Recovery Services had set a high bar and delivered a very convincing Proof of Concept that satisfied all our expectations. Their exceptional knowledge of our backup solution, which we had already selected independently, enabled them to deliver a much-improved Fail-Over capability to their DR site.”

The Solution

Bell & Clements’ backup solution enabled them to create a local backup of their entire estate to disc, which was previously copied to tape for DR. As business pressures changed rapidly, the need for a more aggressive RTO for critical servers became one of the drivers behind the search for a new DR provider. Equally important was the need to reduce the risk of data loss to meet new Recovery Point Objectives. However, the over-riding objective was to reduce the time for a full recovery in the event of a DR scenario from days to hours. Covenco RS configured the backup solution to replicate data and VMs to their DR site at Banbury. The replication schedule is defined by the critical status of each server. The replicated VMs are stored in a dormant ‘ready to run’ mode, such that they can be powered-on and presented to Covenco’s Virtual Recovery Platform in a matter of minutes, enabling immediate Fail-Over, should Bell & Clements suffer a DR situation.


12th April 2017

“Bell & Clements have successfully completed a number of DR tests at Banbury, achieving recovery times that exceeded our expectations.”

12th April 2017

“The Bell & Clements solution design is a typical example of how Covenco deploys its knowledge of backup and recovery to tailor solutions that fit our Customers’ needs. We work with a number of backup technologies to ensure that we can offer a solution that’s suitable for our Customers environment making us ‘Vendor agnostic’. We do what is good for our Customers not what’s best for the Vendor”