Case Study - AGC Chemicals

The Challenge
AGC Chemicals is one of the world’s leading producers of fluorochemicals and fluoro chemical materials, a company which is creating a safe, secure, comfortable and environmentally friendly world with Chemical Technology.
As the company sells to most European countries it was essential that the business was supported by an efficient and secure IT operation 24/7 on site and around the World to maintain business continuity.
Neil Cotton, IT Operations Lead: “The criteria for a solution was exclusively Disaster Recovery: invocation and testing. We needed a provider with facilities and knowledge in this sphere which could also be cost effective.”

The Solution
AGC Chemicals chose Covenco Recovery Services (Covenco) to provide a traditional disaster recovery service where they would have access to replacement hardware and operating facilities within 4 hours of declaring a disaster scenario. The solution will also extend to Covenco relocating IT equipment to any AGC Chemicals site in the UK. The flexibility in the service caters for both technical and non-technical disaster scenarios and is fully supported by Covenco’s highly experienced technical team who are on hand to assist with the recovery process. The recovery process is tested every year as part of the service allowing AGC Chemicals the opportunity to validate the integrity of their backups and data restoration processes.

In Covenco, AGC Chemicals are now with a supplier who adds value to their Disaster Recovery processes and provides the right guidance and level of support to ensure they have the peace of mind and confidence, that should a disaster happen, they are in safe hands.

Following their first Disaster Recovery Test with Covenco, their levels of confidence were at an all-time high, as they could recover their systems with the support of Covenco’s technical team who guided them through the recovery process to a fully successful restore.

31st March 2017

“We wanted to have a Disaster Recovery supplier where a personal approach to a customer is a key factor. It is important for us to be able to sit together with your engineers during our testing, to analyze the process and to create detailed, effective and reliable procedural documentation.”

31st March 2017

“Absolutely amazed by the speed of the recovery: less than half a day! Previously it was taking a day and a half. Your technical consultant dealt directly with our application support provider to activate our ERP licensing. Could not ask for better service.”

31st March 2017

"AGC Chemicals were not happy with their incumbent supplier and felt that they had little or no support during Disaster Recovery Testing which impacted on their confidence to recover their systems in the event of a disaster"