Business Continuity Consulting

Planning and consulting services to assist you in developing optimal business continuity and disaster recovery strategies for your organisation

As nearly 1 in 5 businesses will suffer some form of major disruption each year Business Continuity Planning is an important part of responsible business management. It preserves the value of the business in the face of major operational disruption. To avoid unacceptable losses in these circumstances, recovery and restoration of core activities must take place within days or even hours.


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Defines the length of time that an entity can be unavailable before there is a negative impact on the company

The faster you want to recover, the more it costs

Does the cost of recovery exceed the losses?

Rebuilding an organisation is potentially complex and requires forethought. It means directors and staff must know what to do, where to go and by when. It means having the right materials readily to hand. It means having a plan that can be shown to work and which inspires the confidence of investors.

It means having a plan!

Covenco Recovery Services offer an inspired blend of business continuity planning and related business continuity consulting services. We share our experience, confidentially, with each client, creating bespoke business continuity solutions to satisfy their unique needs. We run business continuity projects and campaigns with care, providing transparency, regular feedback and quality-assured outcomes. This refreshing philosophy underpins all that we do.

We analyse your business: where is your business vulnerable?

We assess your risks:

  • How likely is it to happen?
  • What effect will it have on your business?

We develop your Business Continuity (BC) strategy using our knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

IT Disaster RecoveryWorkplace Recovery, Data Backup, Hardware Maintenance

We develop your BC plan. We rehearse your BC plan.