IT Backup Audit Service

Does your backup strategy meet your recovery objectives?

Our backup and recovery audit is designed to uncover problems in your strategy before those problems cause you pain, loss of credibility and damage to your business

All too often, backup and recovery strategies are drafted in haste and are theoretical, rather than practical. A business may only find the holes in their backup strategy when something goes wrong and they find it impossible to recover in a timely and well-ordered fashion.

 Covenco Recovery Services’ backup and recovery audit covers every aspect of your disaster recovery strategy and assesses whether it will work in practice, and most importantly, whether it will meet your disaster recovery objectives.

Do you know your current level of Data Availability, Backup and Recovery?

We are proud to offer a free online consultation that will clearly highlight your current strengths and weaknesses. Best of all it takes less than 2 minutes to complete and it will generate a full Executive Report for you.