Endpoint Protection, what is it and why you need it?

In today’s fast paced work environment, we depend on our laptops and smartphone to carry on our daily duties. From sending and receiving emails to sharing documents with partners and customers, we do almost everything from our endpoint devices.

For organisations that rely on users regularly connecting with different types of devices having an endpoint protection solution in place is an essential part of their overall cyber security strategy. With many organisations now implementing BYOD and WFH strategies this means employees connect to different Wi-Fi networks. This represents an increased risk for the organisation’s overall network security.

Endpoint protection is software that protects an organisation’s network when it is being accessed by remote devices. It is installed on network servers and endpoint devices and constantly monitors their status and activities.

An important part of endpoint protection is its ability to detect malware and minimise its impact on an organisation’s overall network and/or the individual devices. It can help to identify weak points within a network and assist in remedying problems in order to ensure better security.

An endpoint protection solution allows organisations to protect their data should a device fall in the wrong hands. This type of software encrypts data on endpoints, including laptops, mobile devices, and other endpoints such as removable storage devices, CDs and USB drives, ensuring the data is always protected and secure.

Good endpoint protection also includes application control, which prevents the execution of unauthorized applications on endpoints. This feature solves the problem of employees downloading dangerous applications on their devices, which could put the organisation’s network vulnerable to cyber threats.

Covenco Recovery Services offers Carbonite Endpoint 360, a comprehensive, fully automatic backup solution for all your endpoint devices and the data that resides on them, including data in Microsoft Office 365. Protecting against threats that Microsoft’s backup and retention policies don’t cover.

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