Poor cloud security could put your organisation at risk

Today, many organisations across all industry sectors heavily rely on cloud and/or multi-cloud solutions – such as AWS or Azure – for their assets and applications. However, cloud-based systems have also become a ‘gold mine’ for cyber criminals, who have started to exploit their vulnerabilities to access data and hack networks.

This new wave of cyber threats has brought concerns over cloud security and how organisations deal with it. A recent study conducted at Infosecurity Europe revealed that many organisations are unable to detected anomalies within their cloud environments. Moreover, 37% of 300 security professionals, admitted that they had encountered a cyber-attack within their organisation’s cloud environment.

The use of cloud-based solutions has revolutionised the way organisations manage and store data and brought benefits in terms of cost reduction and scalability. However, cloud security is in most cases overlooked and underestimated.

Too often we see organisations failing to check with public service providers what they can and cannot offer in terms of security, without realising that the responsibility of protecting and controlling data falls on them and not on the service provider.

Cloud solutions should be managed and protected just like on-premise assets. Organisations should apply the same security principles of vulnerability and application security assessment and check for any misconfiguration.

Organisations heavily reliant on the cloud also need to have clear knowledge of how many and what kind of applications run in their cloud or multi-cloud environments and where possible homogenise security controls across cloud service providers.

Experts and private service providers, like Covenco Recovery Services, recommend continuous security testing across the entire technology stack including the cloud. As this is by far the best way to identify if cloud data is being compromised and spot any infrastructure or application misconfiguration in real time.

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