Mid-2019 Cyber Threats review

We are past the first half of 2019 and cyber threats have shown no sign of stopping or ceasing to evolve. We have listed below the top three cyber security threats that both organisations and service providers have categorised as the ‘trending’ ones for the last six months.

  1. Cyber-attacks of cloud backup systems

Cloud security has become a priority for both organisations and service providers. With a drastic increase in the use of cloud backup systems, attackers are now finding ways to hack them and access data. The number of access points to the cloud platform or data is directly linked to the risk of breach.

Some of the threats to cloud backup solutions include, DDoS attacks, malicious insiders, non-encrypted data and shared technology vulnerabilities.

  1. IoT vulnerability

The Internet of Things (IoT) industry is growing and these days a lot of business operations are carried out through smartphones, tablets, and other devices. As this industry continuously grows, so do the number of cyber security incidents due to an increasing number of poorly protected IoT devices. A cyber-attack on a single IoT device can infect all the networks that devices are connected to.

Some IoT vulnerabilities include, not updating the devices, phishing emails, non-encrypted data (e.g. communications), use of default passwords, and poor network security.

  1. Phishing emails

It’s the oldest trick in the book and it’s still a major threat to organisations of any size! What is challenging about phishing is that it is not only about cyber security solutions, a large part of phishing success is down to human error. There are still many cases of employees clicking on links in malicious emails without making sure of the authenticity of the sender.

Companies need to have both excellent email security monitoring systems as well as training programmes for their employees.


Cyber-crime has become very lucrative for criminals, these trends represent only a few of the many cyber threats that have the power to disrupt organisations. Cyber threats will continuously evolve in the future and organisations need to invest in cyber security solutions that protect and guarantee business continuity.

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