Manufacturing companies main target for cyber attacks

In the its latest report, IBM revealed that in the last six months 50% of cyber attacks intended to cause damage were carried out against manufacturing companies.

IBM incident response team recently released a new study based on recent cyber attacks they have been called in to assist with and found a consistent rise of destructive malware.

These types of attacks are designed to cause damage rather than purely being for covert surveillance or data stealing. The attacks include locking systems, crashing PCs, rendering services as inoperable and the deletion of files.

IBM also found that during the first half of 2019 the use of such malware has doubled in comparison to the second half of 2018 with manufacturing companies being the primary target, followed by organisations in oil, gas, and education. Most cases observed by IBM have taken place in Europe, the US, and the cyber attacks Middle East.

Another important finding was that the most common initial infection was through phishing emails. In most cases, cyber criminals were able to enter an internal network and compromise systems. This result was also confirmed by another study conducted by Deloitte which found that most of the cyber attacks experienced by manufacturers were caused by internal employees clicking on phishing emails, direct abuse of IT systems, errors and omissions and use of mobile devices.

IBM estimated that when an organisation is hit by a destructive cyber attack, on average, “over 12,000 workstations will be damaged in some way and it can take 512 hours or more to pick up the pieces after such an incident.” In some of the most severe cases, recovery time can stretch to as many as 1,200 hours.

In this day and age, organisations across industry sectors are at risk of experiencing a cyber attack, and it important for them to have the necessary tools in place as well as an expert team by their side.

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