Cyber Security and Business Continuity – a collaborative approach

In this day and age, cyber-attacks have become one of the most concerning threat to organisations – causing a spike in investments in cyber security solutions. However, in the last few years, the level of sophistication of cyber-attacks has increased, making them a threat to both infrastructures and people.

For example, an attacker is now able to shut down CCTV, allowing a break-in to go undetected, or Ransomware on a hospital network can prevent doctors from accessing patient records and providing necessary care.

With cyber-attacks evolving and becoming more dangerous, IT teams have started to realise that cyber security tools alone are not enough to guarantee business resilience. For this reason, integration and collaboration and business continuity management is needed.

For many years, business continuity and cyber security have been treated as separate disciplines. The general understanding was that IT issues could be resolved by IT staff and that business continuity was related to physical incidents. But with cyber attacks becoming a major problem, organisations have started rethinking the way their teams operate by introducing a more collaborative approach.

While IT security responds to IT disruptions and cyber-attacks, business continuity management has a much wider lens to respond to PR, government authorities, insurance, compliance concerns etc.

According to the BCI Cyber Security Report 2018, 87% of respondents worldwide revealed that having business continuity arrangements in place to deal with cyber incidents has help them ensure  early detection, a faster recovery and a consistent PR strategy to mitigate any reputational damage cause by the attack.

Cyber-attacks cannot be treated as just a ‘technical issue’ anymore, and for organisations to be resilient having effective business continuity and disaster recovery plans to complement their cyber security strategy is key.

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