The Importance of Cyber Security Monitoring

In today’s evolving and unpredictable cyber landscape, cybersecurity monitoring is a crucial part of cybersecurity management.

Cybersecurity monitoring involves collecting data from a range of security systems and analysing it with threat intelligence to identify signs of compromise.

Monitoring systems are based on the principle of baselining, which is the process of establishing an agreed level of typical network performance. This principle plays an important role in cybersecurity monitoring because any network behaviour that falls outside what is considered regular behaviour will be analysed to identify if it could be malicious or not.

This process enables proactive detection of cyber threats – a key element of a successful cybersecurity strategy.

Research shows that most cyber-attacks go undetected for months. Having a cyber security monitoring solution reduces the risk of undetected cyber-attacks and protects you from the latest cyber threats, including ransomware and malware.

If you are able to detect a cyber-attack, you are able to react to it. By ensuring you have policies and processes in place to manage and respond to incidents detected by cybersecurity monitoring solutions, you will be able to stop the attack and minimise the impact or damage caused.

Cybersecurity monitoring is also important in that it allows you to ensure that systems are being used appropriately and in accordance with your organisational policies. Having a complete understanding of how systems, services and information are being used by users is essential for your cybersecurity strategy. Not monitoring your systems will at the very least put your organisation at greater risk of cyber-attack. At worst you may be in breach of legal or regulatory requirements.

Covenco Recovery Services delivers award winning and comprehensive cyber security monitoring solutions. These solutions range from Security Event Information Management (SEIM) based monitoring and alerting services, through to Vulnerability Discovery & Assessments, Penetration Testing and general consultancy led cybersecurity assessments.

We offer fully managed Security Services through our Security Operation Centre, Incident Response Services and Network Operation Centre (SOC, IRS, NOC), which allow us to provide both offensive and defensive security services.

We will help you build your Cyber Security Strategy and ensure your business is protected against external cyber threats.