6 Ways that managed IT Disaster Recovery services save you time and money

They say that having an internal IT Disaster Recovery expert is the best way to protect your business from any disruptive event. However, when it comes to small businesses, relying on one single employee can do more harm than good.

Managed IT Disaster Recovery services can save you money in the long-run, here is why…

  1. Bespoke management

A specialised IT Disaster Recovery service provider, like Covenco Recovery Services (CRS), will take your business, your network, your budget and your needs into consideration and suggest the best solutions and systems for your organisation.

  1. Systems Updates

Remember the malware attack on the NHS? That was mainly caused by a missed upgrade on their IT system. An experienced IT Disaster Recovery provider will suggest and carry out upgrades when they are necessary. They will also ensure that any upgrades are going to integrate properly with your existing systems. This means time and money saved for you to focus on your business a not on IT upgrades!

  1. No need to employ an expert

A managed IT Disaster Recovery solution will save you from employing an expert or dedicate your own time to performing IT network maintenance and admin. The time and money you save here will more than enough to cover the initial cost of outsourcing.

  1. Staff Training

In order to ensure the best results, it’s important to keep training regularly. As new technologies emerge, time needs to be devoted to properly master and implement them. Outsourcing means this training time isn’t going to be on your clock!

  1. Instant experience support and crisis management

Downtime can damage your business – if your IT network goes down and you can’t satisfy customer orders you can lose both money and customers. With a managed IT Disaster Recovery service, you will have a specialist available to help you protect your business, and in the case of a disaster situation, rectify the issue quickly, saving you potentially expensive business downtime.

  1. Compliance

An IT Disaster Recovery provider will make sure that your systems are compliant with any regulations in place (e.g. GDPR). This will allow you to save time on training for the latest regulations and money on any potential fines.