How to bounce back from a cyber security breach?

Cyber security breaches are on the rise and becoming more and more sophisticated.

According to the UK Government, four in ten businesses and two in ten charities in the UK have experienced a cyber attack in 2018. These numbers are only likely to increase this year, and your organisation might be the next victim.

Although we hope this will not be the case, here are some top tips on how to bounce back from a cyber attack.

  1. Call in a professional DR and Cyber Security service provider

Unless you have an internal cyber security expert, then you will need professional help from an organisation like Covenco Recovery Services, who will be able to assist you every step of the way. They will help you determine important details like the scope and damage of the cyber attack, this will help you/them to formulate a recovery plan.

  1. Keep communications open and be transparent

A lot of cyber attacks go unreported as many organisations fear the consequences that such a breach will have on their reputation. However, according to Forbes, customers are actually more interested in how a company handles a breach than the fact that one occurred in the first place. By keeping communications open with your customers and stakeholders you will strengthen their trust and they will probably respect you more for being transparent about the situation.

  1. Notify regulators of the cyber security breach

With new regulations such as GDPR, it is mandatory for organisations to report cyber attacks, especially when they involve data leaks. Make sure you know the regulations and who to contact during these situations. This will allow you to avoid issues with compliance later.

  1. Re-evaluate your cyber security system

Cyber attacks can happen for different reasons, a failure in your IT security system, an employee clicking on a malicious email, etc. The important thing is for you to understand what went wrong and find the right solution to fix the underlying problem.

Whether it is a new cyber security monitoring system, new email security software and/or a training session for your staff, make sure you have the right tools to prevent another breach from happening.

  1. Prepare for the future

Unfortunately, even if your organisation has suffered a cyber attack, there is no guarantee that it won’t happen again. Cyber attacks are becoming more common and more sophisticated, you need to be aware of the latest cyber threats that your organisation might face and how to combat them. A few steps that you can take to reduce risk include, investing in better cyber security technology, updating cyber security policies and making staff more aware of their cyber security responsibilities.

Covenco Recovery Services offers top-class cyber security solutions for all types of organisations across different industry sectors. Our team of experienced engineers provides assistance during the implementation and testing of the cyber security software, and during an actual cyber attack. Not all cyber security providers can guarantee this level of assistance… get in touch for more information.