A closer look at High Availability solutions

There are businesses that cannot afford IT downtime, this means that their operations must always keep running. High Availability solutions are designed specifically for these businesses and have the ability to guarantee 99.999% uptime.

But what exactly is, High Availability? It refers to systems and solutions that are durable and able to operate continuously, without failure for a long time. This standard of availability is also referred to as “five 9s” (99.999 %). High Availability works by having redundant components combined with systems which perform regular self-checks to ensure all are working properly. If a component failure is detected, the system will activate and switch to the redundant spare without any downtime.

One of the biggest misconceptions of High Availability solutions is that they are expensive and only suitable for data centres and large organisations. This is not always true, and these types of solutions are actually very helpful for SMEs which can also be badly damaged by periods of downtime.

Apart from guaranteeing continuous uptime, High Availability solutions also come with other benefits, here are some of them.

Improve your business reliability.

If an IT system failure prevents you from being able to provide your product or service to your customers, then they may perceive you as an unreliable supplier. This could damage your reputation and may lose you clients. By making sure that your business is always operative, you can ensure your customers see you as reliable and stand out from your competitors.

It’s good for revenues.

Keeping operations running means keeping sales ticking over. By employing a High Availability solution your IT systems are always available and you will not even have to think about any potential disruption. Your only focus can be selling your product/service and working to reach your business objectives.

Reduced customer and production impact during planned maintenance.

In many cases, you can completely avoid service disruption during planned maintenance. With a High Availability solution, your IT team can potentially take down and work in one part of your system while ‘Production’ continues to function.

Reduced risk of data loss

A High Availability solution reduces the possibility of system crashes due to component failure to almost zero and hence reduces the potential for data loss in this type of situation to almost zero.


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