Laptop cloud backup: a different ending to the story

This is the short story about Lisa. Lisa is a sales manager working for a small manufacturing company. Lisa lives quite far away from her office, so a couple of days per week she works from home. As she owns a small flat, Lisa likes to work in her local café. She does this frequently as it is a quiet place where she can concentrate.

One morning Lisa goes to the café, orders her latte and takes a seat. She puts her work laptop on the table, switches it on and opens her email. “Lisa” someone shouts from the bar, “your latte is ready”. Lisa gets up and walks away from her table, grabs her latte, turns around, heads back to the table and realises that her laptop is gone. Someone has stolen it!

Lisa’s story can have one of two very different endings. Find out which one is the happy ending…

Version 1 – Without laptop cloud backup:

Lisa starts panicking, she starts thinking about her email inbox left open and how her clients could be in danger if the thief gets hold of their contact details. Lisa calls her boss and explains the situation, but with no laptop cloud backup, there is not much her boss can do.

Hours go by, Lisa starts missing sales opportunities. It’s a small business where she works, and they all rely on her brilliant selling techniques, but without her laptop, she cannot do her job – she starts thinking, maybe Peter from Covenco Recovery Services was right about laptop cloud backup.

Lisa decides to head to the office to try and continue to work but all her data was lost when her laptop was stolen and without a backup, it is almost impossible for her to retrieve her prospect, customer and contact lists.

Lisa’s clients start chasing her about their contracts and the products that they have purchased, but without her laptop, she cannot access the folder where she stored this information. She decides to go ‘old school’ and resorts to referencing the paper copies of contracts, but it takes time and clients start questioning ‘why is taking so long’?

In the meantime, the thief has stolen both contact and contract details, installed malware on Lisa’s laptop replicated it to the company’s server and managed to paralyse the entire company’s IT system. By the time the company detects the breach it’s too late. Business operations are disrupted, and without a disaster recovery (DR) plan the company is paralysed.

Weeks later, the malware is finally removed and the breach fixed, but business is not going well. The company has suffered a significant loss in revenue, but perhaps worse, word has spread about what happened and the company’s reputation is now severely tarnished.

A few months later, with most clients having moved to a competitor, Lisa is made redundant and the company is shut down.

Version 2 – With a laptop cloud backup:

Lisa calls her boss and explains the situation. Thanks to the company’s laptop cloud backup solution, her boss immediately gets in touch with their DR provider who, in a matter of hours, provides them with a replacement laptop fully restored with all of Lisa’s data and applications.

Thanks to the laptop cloud backup, Lisa can continue working, she can email her prospects and assist her clients and experiences little or no loss of productivity. Lisa’s company can also be assured that all their data is safe. As part of the laptop cloud backup solution, they purchased AES Encryption, a military grade state-of-the-art security system for files at rest on Lisa’s hard drive.

Lisa’s company also have the option to activate a remote data deletion system which erases data from Lisa’s stolen computer. This permanently removes files from the laptop and prevents the thief from even being able to attempt decryption of her files.

Moreover, with the Port & Drive Access Control – as part of their laptop cloud backup solution – Lisa’s company can centrally manage the read or write access or total lockdown of any port or drive on her laptop.

Meanwhile, the thief has tried to access the laptop, install malware and steal data without any success. The laptop is on lockdown and inaccessible. The attempted breach completely fails and the company’s operations are not disrupted.

Thanks to their laptop cloud backup solution, Lisa’s company were able to prevent downtime, financial loss and reputational damage. Weeks later the company is operating as usual. Lisa was able to get a few new clients on board and has learned her lesson about leaving her laptop unattended.


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