How to protect your organisation from phishing attacks?

In the latest State of Email Security 2018 Report, conducted by Mimecast, 61% of respondents reported that their organisation had been “hit by an attack where malicious activity was spread from one infected user to other employees via email.”

Emails are still the number one vector used by attackers to initiate malware delivery, impersonation and phishing attacks. Over the last year, phishing attacks against organisations have increased, with many companies facing internal threats driven by careless employees, malicious insiders and compromised accounts.

If you wish to protect your business, then email security should be part of your core strategy. So, what are the steps that you can take to protect your organisation from phishing and other malicious emails?

  1. Implement an email security service

Rely on a skilled threat intelligence team that will help you implement the best solution to protect your company from the latest cyber threats. Once in place, the team should secure your users’ inboxes by putting in place systems to protect them from spear-phishing and manage their graymail, leaving you to focus on delivering core business services.

  1. Cloud Email Archiving

Being able to access your emails during a crisis event can be critical to keep operations going. A cloud email archiving system is a cost-effective solution for business who wish to back up their emails in a protected way and be able to easily access them in a moment of need.

  1. Training your staff

According to Mimecast, only 11% of organisations continuously train their employees on how to spot phishing or malicious emails, and 49% admit that their teams are not prepared to identify a malicious email. When it comes to email security, consistent and frequent security training sessions are essential. Having employees that can identify and manage phishing attacks and impersonation emails can make a difference to your business’ security strategy.

  1. Be aware and adapt to the latest threats

In order to be prepared for a potential cyber-attack, you need to be aware of what your organisation is up against. Make sure you look out for industry reports, news and articles that track rising threats and suggest solutions to mitigate them. Also, don’t forget to circulate the information to your employees and raise their awareness.

  1. Collaboration

Building a strong email security system within your organisation should be based on the idea that it’s everyone’s responsibility. It’s like pieces of a puzzle coming together to form a bigger picture. Combining effective email security services and email cloud services, with training and awareness campaigns can help you and your staff recognise and stop threats like phishing attacks.

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