How can Business continuity consulting help your organisation?

Business continuity consulting is a cost-effective and reliable service for organisations who are looking to develop a business continuity plan without the burden of employing a business continuity specialist.

Many business continuity training opportunities are available for employees taking on this role, but organisations should not underestimate how the lack of professional experience can impact the success of a continuity plan.

With a business continuity consulting service, you will be advised by professionals who have the knowledge, skills and experience to build a business continuity plan. They will help you identify risks and threats to your organisation, put in place adequate measures to mitigate them and reduce downtime in case of a disruption.

Here are some top reasons why you should rely on a business continuity consulting service for your organisation:

Understand your business

Specialised business continuity consultants will help you understand the potential disasters your organisation might face and how they could impact your revenue and reputation. They can help you determine how to reduce the risk of a disaster occurring in the first place and train your staff on how to react when one does.

Effective testing

Testing a business continuity plan is sometimes overlooked, but it is the most important step in determining whether your business continuity plan works. A business continuity consulting service will help you plan your testing and review the results – what worked, what didn’t and suggest any changes that need to be made.

Reduced insurance costs

All companies rely on insurance to protect themselves from losses, damage to their infrastructure, etc. Financially, the cost of insurance can be quite of a burden for organisations and as risks increase so do annual premiums. A business continuity consultant will help you build a business continuity plan that you can use to negotiate better insurance premiums.

Competitive advantage

Business continuity consultants can help you shape a plan that will enable to keep your operations going no matter what happens. In a disaster situation having a strong business continuity plan will help you outshine your competition and strengthen your reputation. You will keep your customers happy and potentially acquire new ones should one of your competitors fail to deliver their services.


Access Business Continuity Consulting with Covenco Recovery Services. We share our experience, confidentially, with each client, creating bespoke business continuity solutions to satisfy their unique needs. We run business continuity projects and campaigns with care, providing transparency, regular feedback and quality-assured outcomes.