Is it time for a penetration test?

Anti-virus software, firewalls, and IT security infrastructures can guarantee a certain level of protection, but in order to see if they really work you need to put them under pressure. And what better way to test them than trying to hack them with a penetration test (pen test)?

As software and technology evolve, so do cyber threats and hacking techniques. That is why it’s important for companies to perform a penetration test on a regular basis to ensure that systems are suited to protect them from the latest cyber threats.

A penetration test helps businesses understand their IT infrastructure vulnerabilities and gives them a realistic view of what a malicious user would be able to accomplish. Moreover, it also tests how long it will take for a company’s systems to detect a breach. This is extremely important as there have been cases where data breaches have gone undetected for months.

If you have never run a penetration test, then you should strongly consider it. As multinational companies with the most sophisticated IT systems have failed to overcome data breaches, who can guarantee that you won’t be next? A penetration test will spot your IT vulnerabilities before a real hacker does, and it will provide you with the information you need to fix them.

Experts recommend running a penetration test at least once a year – this will allow for your systems to be tested for the latest cyber threats and spot any weak spots such as outdated applications. However, it is important to factor into consideration other circumstances which require a penetration test, here are the most important ones:

  • Introduction of new infrastructures and applications.
  • Significant upgrades to software and applications.
  • New office locations and networks.
  • End-user policy changes.

Penetration tests are not standardised, there is no ‘one size fits all’. Your service provider should help you find the penetration test that suits your company’s size, budget, and most importantly operational needs.

Discover how Covenco Recovery Services can provide you with a tailored penetration test solution, which can help your business strengthen its IT security system and prevent a cyber-attack.  We can offer all types of penetration testing, including advanced persistent threat (APT) testing through to social engineering, cloud pen testing and full security audits.