Choose Cloud Backup Solutions for your business

Cloud backup solutions have revolutionised the concept of backup by making it more flexible, accessible, and cost-effective. Here are the top reasons why you should choose it for your business:

1. Lose the IT hardware infrastructure and data centre

IT backup infrastructures and data centres… get lost. The Cloud has changed the data backup industry, allowing you in just a few clicks to backup, access, recover and restore your data with no investment in hardware.

2. Access data anywhere at anytime

In a disaster recovery situation, it is critical to get systems running again as soon as possible. IT downtime can damage your business both financially and reputationally. Cloud backup solutions guarantee access to your data anytime and anywhere, so you can reduce your IT downtime and keep operations going.

3. Focus on your business, not data backup

No need for your IT team to waste time with hardware backups. With a cloud solution, backup is automated, and the burden of the backup infrastructure lies with the service provider. This means time and resources saved for your IT team who can focus on more important aspects of your business.

4. A cost-effective and tailored solution

With a cloud-based solution, you don’t have to invest in data centre infrastructure or IT hardware – which can be both expensive and resource consuming. Because of its affordable price point, the cloud enables organisations to get an offsite solution that seamlessly backs up their data. The solution is simple and tailored to the organisation’s requirements.

5. No more sleepless nights

Does the fear of a cyber-attack keep you up at night? With a cloud backup solution, you can sleep tight. Not only does the cloud service manage your backups, but they also protect them from cyber threats such as malware or ransomware.

6. The early bird catches the warm

How fast you recover your data can determine your competitive advantage in a disaster situation. For example, in the case of flood, organisations which recover quickest will take business from those that aren’t back on their feet. A cloud backup solution positions you for a fast recovery!

Today several dozens organisations are using Covenco’s Cloud backup and recovery services. The Covenco Cloud is backup vendor agnostic and can be used with any backup software including VeeamRapid RecoveryEVault by Carbonite, Infrascale, Altaro & Quorum.