Covenco Enviro-Watch – Server Environment Monitoring


Covenco Enviro-Watch – 24/7 Environmental and Power Monitoring

With the majority of server rooms being operated in a ‘lights out’ mode, can you really be confident that everything within is fine?

Covenco Enviro-Watch is perfect for your server environment monitoring needs.

It may be obvious, but with peaks and troughs in ambient temperature throughout the year, temperature management is essential in ensuring business-critical IT equipment remains operational.

The cost of a server failure due to high temperatures is not just limited to the cost of replacing the server itself but also includes: the on costs of business downtime, potential loss of data and the recovery process (the time it takes to get everything back up and running).

Covenco Recovery Services can help mitigate these risks through advanced server environment monitoring. Whether you need to monitor your IT environment for temperature, humidity, UPS status, generator status or water ingress or require information on power metrics like amps, kilowatts and volts being consumed, Covenco Enviro-Watch is a bespoke solution like no other.

We will ship you a pre-configured temperature monitoring pack, comprising of an Ethernet gateway measuring only 1U of rack space, together with a series of wireless sensors. All equipment is quickly and easily installed into your server room or IT racks. At which point we will then swiftly implement your real-time, secure, web-based Covenco Enviro-Watch dashboard. You have real-time access to monitoring information and alerts via email, text and via our UK call centre should a KPI threshold be breached.

It’s our job to let you know of a problem before it escalates into a disaster! This is why Covenco Enviro-Watch is the perfect new tool for our backup and recovery services.

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