NEW Carbonite Endpoint Protection Trial

Through a Freedom of Information request it has been identified that Staff in five government departments have lost more than 600 laptops, mobile phones and USB sticks in the last four years.

The loss of a device is never good, but it appears it happens all too frequently! The outcomes can range from embarrassment and reputational damage at best to the loss of confidential or even classified information at worst. Just how bad the outcome is depends on the level of security of the device. The issue is not so much the cost of the device, but the data which sits on it, that could include sensitive information, confidential data or even national secrets.

What’s on your user’s devices?

Do you have a solution for your users to ensure that their data on endpoint devices such as laptops and mobile phones is encrypted, backed up and ‘safe’? And do you give your users the ability to protect that data in the event a device is lost or stolen?

Through our partnership with Carbonite we at Covenco can help your organisation mitigate data loss and data breach while maximising network and end user performance.

What are the Advantages and Key Features of Carbonite Endpoint Protection?

  • Centralised Management Console for ease of deployment
  • Control Backups using custom Policies to maximise end-user productivity
  • Lan speed optimised backup and recovery with Carbonite Quick Cache
  • Remote Secure Data Access from anywhere
  • Can Backup to Carbonite Cloud, Public Cloud or Onsite repository
  • AES 256 -bit encryption of global deduplicated data
  • Global location tracking for your remote devices
  • Remote data wipe capabilities with time-based policies/ triggers or on demand when a device is lost or stolen

How does it work?

Use a Centrally managed vault with an enterprise account in your own Datacentre or Cloud environment. Take advantage of existing management tools like SCCM, Intune or Landesk and others to silently deploy CARBONITE Software on Laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Why Carbonite Endpoint Protection?

With the threats of Cyber security at your doorstep and the gaining popularity of cloud-based backup it makes sense to invest in Carbonite Endpoint Protection to secure your data.