The most common security risks faced by Small & Medium Businesses

Most small and medium businesses keep all their critical information (customer and employee files, Accounts Receivable, sales presentations, contracts, emails, etc.) on a single server, a number of laptops, a couple of networked PCs, or spread among multiple mobile devices.

Alarmingly most small to medium sized businesses:

  • Don’t routinely back up all files, apps, and data, including those on personal devices.
  • Don’t know where all the data is stored among the various PCs, laptops, smart phones, and tablets in use by employees.
  • Don’t have a recovery plan in place for when the inevitable crash/loss/theft/spilled coffee happens.

Unfortunately, these all too common scenarios leave businesses at risk for all sorts of disasters, including hacking attempts by cyber criminals. A quick trawl of internet sources will reveal statistics showing 40-70% of businesses who suffer a major data loss, who do not have a tested recovery plan, fail within two years. Even at the lower end of the scale that is quite a risk! So why are so many small to medium size businesses putting the themselves in jeopardy? For some it is simply budget related, protection costs money and they don’t want to spend today on something that may never happen! For others resource constraints or lack of expertise often leads to delaying IT upgrades and/or not putting the most basic protection in place, which can limit competitiveness and increase vulnerability.

But this does not have to be this way!

Speak to Covenco today about how we can help you address your vulnerabilities and protect your company from damage via accidental or malicious data loss. We have a range of products and services to meet all budgets and requirements, which will protect your IT systems.