Public Cloud Outage – Recovery Time Uncertain

Overheating at a Microsoft data center operating some of its cloud services, including Outlook, led to services being lost for close to 16 hours from the afternoon of March 12 to morning of March 13. Microsoft said the outage occurred as it went through a regular process of updating firmware on a core part of its physical plant. This failure resulted in a rapid and substantial temperature spike in the data center. This spike was significant enough before it was mitigated that it caused our safeguards to come in to place for a large number of servers in this part of the data center. The failure was “unexpected” and required both infrastructure software and human intervention to bring the core infrastructure, in a physical region of its data center, back online.

June 2018, Amazon Web Services US East-1 experienced approximately half an hour of down time. However, on resumption of service, some customers virtual instances and the associated data could not be restored due to a complete hardware failure. The AWS status page reported, “Power was restored at 3:22 PM PDT” and that fixed most problems, but some instances haven’t come back yet because they were “hosted on hardware which was adversely affected by the loss of power.”

The extracts above demonstrate the public cloud is not infallible and therefore may not be the appropriate location for your company to back up its mission critical data to. An alternative is Covenco Recovery Services’ private cloud model which offers the following advantages.

  • A higher level of security
  • Greater control over the server infrastructure
  • Reduced costs when moving data in or out of the cloud

If you require CPU and Storage for performance intensive applications the Covenco RS private cloud makes financial sense. Contact us for more details.