What’s New in VMware 6.7?

  • With VMware 6.7 you need to check the HCL for compatibility because support for older more popular CPU’s has gone.
  • VMFS 3 datastores are now being phased out. VMFS 3.0 datastores are automatically upgraded to version 5.0 when mounted. If you want to upgrade to version 6 you must perform storage vMotion as an upgrade from VMFS5 to VMFS6 is not possible.
  • With the focus on Cyber Security and the approach of GDPR in the headlines daily VMWare 6.7 has enhanced Security and Compliance features.
  • Virtualised Based Security for Windows 10 and Windows 2016 including Virtual Trusted Platform Modules.
  • Single reboot upgrade when performing Vsphere upgrades which reloads the hypervisor without rebooting the hardware.
  • vCenter Appliance performance improvements twice as fast vCenter operations per second, three times less memory utilization, three times faster DRS operations (e.g. virtual machine power on).
  • Vcenter Appliance Backup Enhancements with additional backup scheduling of the VCSA within the VMware Backup tool in the Appliance Management Interface.
  • With the interest in public cloud such as VMware Cloud on AWS, IBM Cloud and other Cloud Providers VMware 6.7 provides a unified management experience and visibility across different versions of vSphere running on premise.
  • Long awaited improved HTML5 Client support for ease of management.
  • Enhanced VMotion Compatibility (EVC) on a per VM basis with the ability to configure VMs
    to take advantage of CPU specific features in a cluster.
  • Instant Clone feature enables cloning from the parent disk in seconds using a fraction of the disk space. This will be a useful tool for cloning Virtual Desktops without the premium of storage space.
  • Virtual Hardware Version 14 provides enhanced support for NVDIMM, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0, Microsoft Virtual-based Security (VBS) and I/O Memory Management.
  • The ability to Suspend and Resume vGPU enabled VMs.

More info here: https://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2018/04/introducing-vmware-vsphere-6-7.html