Covenco’s Veeam Cloud Connect Replication Service

Imagine the scenario, the power supply in one of your physical servers has failed. You have a maintenance contract, but the replacement part is not going to be delivered for 24 hours. The server was running a number of mission critical virtual machines, including your email server, ERP system and VOIP telephone system. Every minute you cannot communicate with the outside world and cannot process orders is costing your company in lost revenue. Almost immediately your mobile phone is ringing and the MD is asking how long before everything is back up and running.

When time is money and your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is measured in minutes you need Covenco’s Veeam Cloud Connect Replication Service.

So, what is the difference between Covenco’s Veeam Cloud Connect Backup and Covenco’s Veeam Cloud Connect Replication Service? Essentially it is the recovery time. Covenco’s Veeam Cloud Connect Backup service is great, and for many companies it fits their Recovery Time Objective but restoring a number of virtual machines from backups can potentially take a few hours to complete. In the scenario above time is a luxury you just don’t have. However, with Covenco’s Veeam Cloud Connect Replication Service you can fail over to ready to run virtual machines, that can be powered on with the flick of a virtual switch, at any time. What difference could this immediacy make to your business in the event of an IT disaster?

Why use Covenco’s Veeam Cloud Connect (VCC) Replication Service?

  • Provides an mirror copy of the production VM’s at a Covenco recovery site which are ready to power on in a few seconds in case of VM /SAN or Application corruption at the production site.
  • Provides a twofold backup and replication solution for both Hyper-V and VMware.
  • Veeam Replication provides compression, deduplication and Change Block Tracking which optimizes bandwidth, storage and network traffic.
  • With the end of support for VMware 5.5 imminent you can use Veeam replication to safely migrate to a new upgraded VMware 6.x environment.
  • Up to 28 replica failover restore points enable you to roll back in case there is an issue or use the replica’s for testing and development.
  • No need to license the DR Hosts to perform remote VMware replication.

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