Mimix by Vision Solution

Protect your data. Keep your business running 24/7 Complete, scalable HA/Disaster Recovery for IBM i (iOS) and IBM P (AIX)

MIMIX Consulting Services from Covenco

Planning a MIMIX deployment? Take advantage of our experience and let a Covenco consultant design your configuration and deployment.

They will maximise solution performance by ….

Optimising your HA environments

Determining the most efficient data apply process

Take advantage of advanced database-apply caching

Accelerating the speed and accuracy of data replication

Seeking out and eliminating issues affecting HA integrity

Reducing the time required to swap the production and backup roles

MIMIX® Availability leads the industry in IBM i high availability and disaster recovery. Thousands of companies worldwide – from small businesses to global enterprises – depend on MIMIX Availability to keep their data safe and their operations running smoothly. Proven in the market for more than 20 years, MIMIX Availability virtually eliminates downtime and data loss.

MIMIX® Availability efficiently replicates transactions in real time to maintain local and/or remote recovery servers. In the event of a production server outage, operations can continue on the recovery server without data loss and with minimal downtime. MIMIX Availability also virtually eliminates downtime caused by planned activities such as queries and reports, daily tape backups, and other maintenance tasks – keeping mission-critical applications running 24/7/365.