Email Security & Archiving

When email is not available, your business can easily grind to a halt – Mimecast delivers 100% Email uptime

Email has become the mainstay of the business world and is used to deliver the vast majority of business correspondence. For a business to succeed, its email system has to work securely and reliably every day, 24 hours a day. Email downtime can be a source of real aggravation – lost productivity, lost orders, reputational risk and regulatory consequences are just some of the issues you may face – so it is vital to protect your email continuity/uptime and email data access.

Covenco Recovery Services’ email continuity partner, Mimecast, keeps users working. Mimecast Services for Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and G Suite provide always on continuity, archiving and security for businesses of any size. By connecting your email server or service to Mimecast , 100% email uptime is an achievable email continuity objective.