Covenco Recovery Services

The company has been delivering disaster recovery services for over 15 years. Our customer profile ranges from small medium business (SMB’s) with just a handful of servers, through to Enterprise Customers with hundreds of servers. We work across all major private vertical market sectors including Banking & Finance, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Retail and Manufacturing. We also support public sector organisations including Schools, Colleges, Housing, NHS Trusts, Local Authorities and Central Government.

Our secure and resilient datacentre facilities at our primary sites at Banbury & Langley provide the resources to support the disaster recovery services for many of our customers. We have over 200 Workplace seats in fully equipped Recovery Suites, where customers can relocate essential staff to within 3 hours, ensuring a swift return to normal business operations. In collaboration with our network of partners, we can provide similar Workplace Recovery facilities throughout England.

Your satisfaction and our success are dependent on our technical expertise, coupled with the efficiencies and resilience of the technologies we deploy to design complete End-to-End disaster recovery solutions. We have built a first-class technical team who invest time and skills to evaluate the very best technologies as they come to market. Our rigorous and unbiased testing processes have helped build our reputation as a Vendor independent organisation where we assess every requirement as a unique situation and deliver the most suitable technology to achieve the desired result.