A complete range of services addressing all aspects of disaster recovery, information security, high availability, business continuity and risk management at both technical and executive levels

With the move away from traditional tape backup scenarios towards online data backup and the continual lowering of price thresholds for disks and communications links, for the small and medium sized enterprise implementing a workable disaster recovery strategy is now a practical, achievable and realistic objective.


Technical Analysis: We understand your environment


We select vendors based on your requirements and propose the perfect soliution


We build and evaluate a 'Proof of Concept'


We implement your solution

This is how we are doing

Of our customers test their Disaster Recovery solution

Score their tests 4.76 out of 5

Score the invocations 4.87 out of 5

So who’s using us and what do they think?

"Covenco's exceptional knowledge of our backup solution, which we had already selected independently, enabled them to deliver a much improved Fail-Over capability to their disaster recovery site"

"Covenco delivered a compelling Proof of Concept, which enabled us to test all of the essential elements of the complete backup and Disaster Recovery solution"

"Covenco gave us the opportunity to perform an offsite Disaster Recovery test in a facility that supported both x86 VMware and P-series AIX-based SAP environments. Covenco not only offer the hardware skills, but also the experience of staff to perform such an exercise."

"We wanted to have a Disaster Recovery supplier where a personal approach to a customer is a key factor. It is important for us to be able to sit together with your engineers during our testing, to analyze the process and to create detailed, effective and reliable procedural documentation.”

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